Five Notorious Armed Robbers Napped

They were in possession of a locally manufactured gun and four bullets.

The armed robbers who attacked and robbed a man whose names we got as Nyembe Mbias of a mobile phone and FCFA 250,000 on September 16, 2014 have been arrested and placed under police custody. The victim was returning from his job site at Hocircpital de Soeligur in Logpom to his Bonaberi residence, where he was robbed at the entrance of his street. According to Judicial Police report in Bonanjo, the robbers, five in number, were napped on December 13 following a tipoff. The same report mentioned that one of the robbers, Jean Noel M. was captured through a phone call and was immediately asked to call his gang members for another operation. The robber followed the police order and called the rest of his gang members namely, Lidel T., Aron E., Brancwchaw D. and Eric T. who brought along a locally manufactured gun and four bullets hoping for another big hit. To their greatest dismay, they were arrested and placed under police custody in Bonanjo.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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