Female Impostors in Police Dragnet

They extort passengers hard earned currency onboard taxi passing for police inspectors, nurses…

Valerie, Rosine and Clementine in their early 30s narrowly escaped lynching in the Ndogpassi neighbour in Douala III after one of their deals turned sour. The prompt intervention of elements of the gendarmerie accompanied them to the Nylon Brigade where they were later transferred to Ndogbong Brigade for further interrogation.

During their stay in the Nylon Brigade, they revealed their mode of operation saying they pass for commercial agent, police inspector and a nurse convincing their victims, especially women, with fake stories. At times they fake their nationality and propose money to victims who have to bring in their own contribution before getting the huge sums they are promised. Since their head office is in Limbe (South West), they admitted that the Douala branch so far has registered seven victims extorting between FCFA 190,000 and FCFA 5 million from them. While it is the end of the road for the three young ladies, their driver is on the run.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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