Fecafoot- Elections Announced Amidst Protest

Some members challenge the creation of Regional and Divisional Normalisation Committees.

There has been a new twist in the ongoing election saga at Fecafoot. Some regional and divisional presidents have challenged the decision of the president of the Normalisation Committee, Joseph Owona, relieving them of their duty and replacing them by local normalisation committees. The dissenters led by Abdouraman Hamadou, posit that the decision of the Court of Arbitration in Sports of February 19 that invalidated the resolutions of the Fecafoot general assembly of 30 October 2013 which adopted the revised statutes, gave credence to officials elected in 2009. By this token therefore, the dissenters who include Joseph Feutcheu, Luc Asamba, Charles Lea Eyoum, Charlot Ntimban and Benjamin Massing, argue that the Regional and Divisional league presidents who were elected in 2009, have to stay in office until the holding of elections.

The discontented officials have sued Fecafoot at the Chamber of Conciliation and arbitration of the National Olympic Committee. The matter will be coming up for hearing on April 29 and both parties have been notified already.

In a related story, the Normalisation Committee of Fecafoot met on Thursday April 16 and adopted the calendar of elections in the federation. According to a communiqueacute signed by the president of the Normalisation Committee, Joseph Owona, the electoral process will begin at the Divisional level before moving to the regional and national levels. Elections at the Divisional level will take place from July 25 to August 5th while the elections at the Regional level will hold on August 24th. The process ends on September 25th with the election of the national ^president of Fecafoot. The question now is which organ will supervise the elections and run the current affairs of the regional and Divisional leagues. The verdict of the chamber of Conciliation and Arbitration is therefore highly awaited. The current stalemate at the helm of Fecafoot has lasted two years and actors are eager to turn a new page. It is therefore hoped that the Normalisation Committee this time around will successful carry out its mission and hand over power to an elected president, come when their mandate ends.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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