Fcfa 29 Billion for Livestock Development

The governmentIslamic Development Bank project is intended to enhance cattle, sheep and poultry production.

Conceived to transform the vast livestock and fisheries potentials of the North West Region, into wealth, the FCFA 29 billion LIFIDEP project is set to move from policy and strategies into results. In effect, the North West Livestock and Fisheries Development Project (LIFIDEP) has scheduled to step up activities in June 2015. Protocol agreements ahead of capacity building sessions to empower stakeholders feature prominently on the technical field activities of the project up to June 2015. It has emerged from LIFIDEP’s first quarter Coordination Meeting that most infrastructure and equipment to take the project forward are in the process of procurement.

First quarter activities covering January to March 2015 shortlisted producers of day old chicks to supply the birds for imminent distribution to potential poultry farmers in the region. It is also on record that small ruminant multiplication breeders have also been identified to supply sheep and goats for the project to serve small ruminant breeders.

Centres for artificial insemination of cattle have also been selected and finalised and grazers around the artificial insemination points have been organised ahead of imminent trainings in beef and milk production and productivity. Work plan field activities indicate that LIFIDEP is about to formalise relations with implementation partners among who are IRAD, the North West Livestock Development Authority (CDENO), the Regional Delegation of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries as well as consultants.

The crucial role of implementation partners was echoed at a recent LIFIDEP workshop during which the executing agency, MIDENO challenged the project to turn full circle and deliver for the development of beneficiaries before the project’s six-year lifespan expires in 2018. Speaking for the General Manager of the North West Development Authority, (MIDENO), the Technical Director, Ndeh Emmanuel stressed the need to respect timeframes for implementation plans. The workshop in the neighbourhood of Bambili featured first quarter activity reports, the Draft LIFIDEP M amp E Plan and the activity plan for the period April – June 2015. Around to ensure supervision was the Project Coordinator, Mbipeh Pius Sidiki.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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