Eye Consultation, Treatment – Chantal Biya Foundation Offers Free Services

Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique launched the campaign in Bafut over the weekend.

The Bafut ‘fondom’ in Mezam Division in the North West Region is the privileged recipient of gifts of medical equipment to health units, free consultation and an eye care four-day campaign that began on February 20, 2015.

On-the-spot at the campaign venue at the Bafut Royal Palace Plaza and the Agyati Community Hall, there is a rush to benefit from the rare demonstration of generosity and humanitarian activities of the Chantal Biya Foundation and Ophtalmo Sans Frontieres. His Majesty Fon Abumbi II of Bafut was present with traditional blessings for the campaign alongside some elite of the fondom like Ngwa Alice Le Garff.

North West Governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique, launched the eye care campaign with a challenge to the population of Bafut to mobilise and file out to benefit from the largesse of the partnership and expertise of the Cantal Biya Foundation and Ophtalmo Sans Frontieres. It was a moment for the fondom to sing and dance as the privileged choice of the First Lady of Cameroon to handle their health worries. The Governor also challenged health personnel in Bafut to use the medical equipment to improve the health care of the population while the Second Deputy Mayor of Bafut Council, Formuh Timothy, hailed the First Lady for responding to the health needs of his people. He said the municipality was anxiously looking forward to see Madam Chantal Biya in Bafut one day.

The Vice President of Ophtalmo Sans Frontieres, Dr Jeanne Bonnefous, who is around to oversee the campaign, revealed that they have so far covered over 40 localities in Cameroon since 2010 with 40,000 patients treated in 42 villages. The partnership focuses on the screening of diseases and the care of eyes in particular, with the final orientation of the sick towards health centres or specialised hospital facilities in case of necessity. Its inception is traced back to 1987 when the need to fight blindness arose. A member of the team, Dr Tchakounte, told Cameroon Tribune that the campaign in Bafut is managed by a team of seven from Ophtalmo Sans Frontieres. The Chantal Biya Foundation assists the needy and people living with disability. It is a poverty-alleviation foundation which equally offers assistance to the sick.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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