ENEO Gets Fresh Blood to Stimulate Efficiency

Four Regional Directors commissioned in Yaounde Tuesday were urged to be serviceable.

Energy of Cameroon, ENEO, through its General Manager, Joeumll Nana Kontchou, has acknowledged that the town of Yaounde alone has over 200, 000 customers suffering from low voltage and 400 others faced with the medium voltage brouhaha. The South Region, the GM, states, is covered with over 692,000 inhabitants with only 35,000 subscribed for electricity provision. The East Region on its part has more than 801,968 inhabitants with only 24,000 inhabitants served with electricity. The not-so-satisfactorily subscription level has left ENEO’s image cloudy with the customers continuously pointing fingers at the company for poor service quality.

It was within this light that ENEO management decided to increase its regional representation from four to nine delegations. The take off of the decentralization process was the recent appointment and installation on May 26, 2015 of four Regional Directors for Yaounde, the Centre, Mbalmayo and South as well as the East Region. This was to respond to recurrent customer complaints. To this effect, the General Manager of ENEO urged Edou Zoueacute, Jeannette Olanguena, Nicolas Mbock and John Sanyi, all Regional Directors for Yaounde, the Centre, Mbalmayo and South and East Region respectively to “ensure service continuity, improve customer service and respond on time during failures, replace and repair defective pools as well as raise awareness on the electric dangers and combat fraud.”

Yaounde alone had as at April this year registered 8,137 applications for electricity connections, a surplus of over 33 per cent compared to the same period last year. It is on an average of 68 request per day. Out of the number, ENEO said over 62.85 per cent have not been served as against 52.79 per cent in 2014, an indication that the new Regional Director of ENEO for the Centre like his peers of other regions has much work. Joeumll Nana Kontchou, therefore challenged the newly installed to satisfy ENEO customers wherever they are.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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