End-of-Year – Genuine, Fake Promotional Sales Observed

Following the arrival of new stock in some shops in the port city, owners have to get rid of old ones in order to create space for them. To do so effectively and swiftly, the only way is to reduce the prices for customers to stream in. The initiative is welcomed by many, while some customers have mixed feelings about the promotional sales. In Marcheacute Central, one of the most crowded markets during end-of-year periods, the phenomenon is common in household appliance and precirct-agrave-porter shops as well as liquor and toy sections in some supermarkets.

Articles for promotional sales in most shops have spent more time than normal and proprietors think they might go out of fashion. “If the goods are not given out at cheaper rates, we will be the losers when it is not bought finally. It is better to breakeven than watch the goods deteriorate,” a dealer in electronic household appliances said. Though some shops place goods on promotional sales when they notice a manufacturing fault and when their expiring date are near, others reduce prices of items that are still in good shape.

In Marcheacute Centrale for example, customers, mostly women do not follow their shopping list because of cheaper promotional goods they buy which initially were not included in their budget. Madeline K. who went to buy decorations and dresses for her children for the up-coming feasts, ended up buying a Moulinex blender of French make for FCFA16,000 instead of FCFA 25,000. To her, FCFA 9,000 off is an opportunity to grab. A one fire-place Luxell electric cooker cost FCFA 12,000 instead of FCFA 16,000 while ladies suit are given out for between FCFA 25,000 and FCFA 32,000 from the hitherto FCFA 30,000 and above. However, crooks who want to catch the attention of customers, write exorbitant prices beside the “promotional price”. For example, FCFA 24,000 was barred on an Amsua pressing iron and written FCFA 15,000 which is the standard price for the iron.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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