Driving Examination – Empty Classrooms in Douala Centre

Just 87 of the hitherto 2,500 to 3,000 candidates per session, sat the examination on Saturday, May 23, 2015.

As early as 7am on Saturday May 23, 2015, at Lyceacutee d’Akwa, the lone examination centre in Douala, over 100 furious-looking people dressed in black and belonging to the Association of Douala Driving Schools carried out a sit-in strike, brandishing placards with their grievances. The examination centre that used to contain over 2,500 candidates for each session, saw just 87 candidates.

According to Littoral Regional Delegate for Transport, Pamela Ayuketah, they came from six of the 167 driving schools in Douala. She explained that though just 85 candidates sat the examination, it went on hitch-free. “The law says the examination can hold with at least 40 candidates,” the Delegate explained. Contradicting the Regional Delegate, the President of the National Union of Driving School Promoters and Managers of Cameroon, Thomas Jima, said all driving schools were on strike and that of the 185 candidates that registered and the 87 that sat the examination, the names of the driving schools they belonged to were not written against their names.

He enumerated their grievances to include irregularities noticed in issuing driving licenses. The union alleges that some transport officials connive to register and issue licenses to candidates who never studied in any driving school and for receiving money from driving schools during examinations. The unionists are also demanding receipts upon paying in money during the submission of files, the closure of the Nkongsamba, Edea and Yabassi sub centres, pointing out that more than 60 per cent of candidates do not study in driving schools.

The union warned that it would only end the strike action if the Transport Minister heeds their demands, including the use of audiovisuals during examinations. “Malpractices have led to the downgrading of Cameroon since some countries, especially in Europe, no longer recognise Cameroon driving licenses,” Thomas Jima alleged.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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