Diplomacy – Cuba-Cameroon Review Cooperation Ties

Minister Pierre Moukoko Mbonjo Friday received in audience the Director General for Foreign Affairs in Cuba.

Cuba is out to establish new cooperation links with Africa and Cameroon is one of its choicest destinations. The Director General for Foreign Affairs in the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with rank of a Vice Minister, His Excellency, Gerardo Penalver Portal is on an Africa tour to renew contacts as the country seeks ways of establishing diplomatic missions in more countries.

Gerardo Penalver Portal came knocking at the doors of the Ministry of External Relations (MINREX) where he met with Minister Pierre Moukoko Mbonjo, to reinvigorate diplomatic ties between Cameroon and Cuba that dates far back to 60 years. Cuba has a lot of attachment to Africa given that it contributed to its independence and the Cuba nationality. The links are therefore important especially knowing that Africa is a g political ally of Cuba. Gerardo Penalver Portal said, “We are ready to develop our bilateral relationship with Cameroon in the fields of public health, education, sports and maybe other fields where Cuba has achieved important developments.” The economy of Cameroon has grown dramatically in the last few years in a period when the world is suffering from financial crises and Cuba sees in Cameroon’s leap a good development partner. Cuba is said to have built a special economic zone with new facilities for foreign investors and this should be an opportunity for bilateral ties.

Gerardo Penalver Portal congratulated Pierre Moukoko Mbonjo for his diplomatic clairvoyance. He handed him an invitation from the Foreign Affairs Minister of Cuba to visit the country.

The audience with Gerardo Penalver Portal came on the heels of the presentation of aance copies of letters of credence of the new Cuban Ambassador to Cameroon. His Excellency, Manuel Serrano Acosta is henceforth the new Cuban diplomat to Cameroon, with residence in Brazzaville Congo.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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