Curbing Expenditure – Government On the Alert!

The circular of the Minister of Finance on the execution of the 2015 State budget comes to implement instructions of the Head of State.

Official event organisers will have to watch out for 2015. The year marks a turning point in the country’s drive to emergence with complementary reforms within the three-year Economic Contingency Plan that are expected to bring a spin in some seven crucial sectors of life. Measures envisaged by Finance Ministry will enable government to cut off FCFA 120 billion in its 2015 spending through the elimination of funds wasted in the past on forums, seminars and international days amongst others.

In a correspondence to the Minister of Finance instructing him to keep to directives of the December 17, 2014 cabinet meeting, the Head of Government warns of the “ostentatious organisation of forums, seminars, symposiums and international days.” Spendings are supposed to be brought down by at least 15 per cent, and the Head of Division for the Preparation of the Budget in the Ministry of Finance, Wakou Roger, has told Cameroon Tribune that there will be no leniency in applying the Minister’s orders. He explained that such bills tabled by organising ministries will now be slashed at 20 per cent and even more when deemed necessary. He stressed that event organisers should not even think of bloating such bills because they might risk receiving no budget.

The Finance Minister’s circular of December 31, 2015 on instructions relating to the proper execution of the 2015 State budget indicates that training courses and seminars organised within the national territory should be subject to prior approval of the Minister concerned the approval to which is attached the commitment file. The circular notes that, “for such expenses related to seminars, the financial controllers shall ensure, prior to putting their visas, that the expenditure file relating thereto comprises the following documents – the Minister’s authorization, theme and announcement comprising the place and period synthesis of expenditure and budgetary charge as well as the calendar or planning of the seminar.”

Henceforth, actors involved in the organisation of lavishly unacceptable events with bills footed from government coffers will have to readjust as the execution of the 2015 State budget unfolds. The desire is to cut to the barest minimum wasteful expenditure emanating from such instances and diverts such funds into projects that can bring in more accessible roads, health care, potable water, education for all, improved security and an agricultural turn around.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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