Crossing Over With the Lord

The 31st December night church service called ‘crossover night’ is a memorable one for all Christians. It is usually a period when Christians come together to appreciate God for all the good things he did in the past year and pray for more blessings in the New Year.

In all Pentecostal churches in Yaounde, the 31st December night was marked by prayers and worship services. The church services were led by anointed men of God filled with gifts of prophecies, healing and deliverance to free God’s people from all forms of bondage.

At the Light World Mission, the officials of the church organised a five-day crusade on the playground of the Biyem-Assi neighbourhood stadium on the theme “2015: The Year of Sudden Change” ahead of the crossover night. Thousands of Christians seeking healing, deliverance and miracles, thronged the crusade venue as early 8:00 p.m. to seek the face of God and divine intervention in their situations.

The Pastor of Light World Mission, Prophet Leslie Nsame, said the purpose for the organisation of a crusade at this time of the year is because it is believed that time is connected to destiny, according Genesis 1:14-16 where God gave the sun and the moon to mark the seasons. He explained that the crossover night will help eliminate from people wasters such as demonic spirits of hindrance, various blockages, marital and financial delays, among others, so that they will be able to move into the New Year that is demon-free, obstruction-free and they will be able to do more in the New Year than they did last year.

Christians harvested from the prophetic tree which represented the tree of life that was in the Garden of Eden in the Bible. On the prophetic tree, were prophetic words wrapped up in papers. Those who harvested from it received the prophetic word for the New Year. At Winners Chapel International Biyem-Assi, Christians watched the crossover service on a giant screen live from the Land of Canaan, headquarters of Winners’ Chapel International in Lagos (Nigeria) to herald God for his good works in 2014 and pray for 2015.

The story was similar to that of Fullness Chapel in Yaounde where Pastor Peter Yakum said it was a night of destiny encounter with God as well as a night full of prophecies. He said after meeting with God, Christians returned home not only with healing deliverance but were also spiritually g to enter the New Year.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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