CPDM – Turmoil in Tombel, Tiko Sections

As the CPDM party prepares an imminent reorganisation, dissident factions are sprouting up in Tombel while calm now reigns in Tiko.

The storm within the ranks of the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM, party in Tombel, Kupe Muanenguba Division in the South West Region is far from ending. The situation according to reports from Tombel, is worsening as the awaited reorganisation of the party’s basic organs draws near. “The situation in Tombel is not healthy,” an elite and resident of Tombel, Alfred Sone Metuge, told Cameroon Tribune in a telephone conversation.

Our source hinted that about six to eight candidates have so far declared their intentions to run for the upcoming elections as section president. “Our situation is not the best and nobody wants to hit the hand on the table. The section president hardly calls meetings and does not concert with people. People are fed up,” he stated. CT learnt that there is neither coordination nor trust for each other but rather increasing suspicion for one another within the section.

Contacted by telephone Tuesday 13 January, the Section President, Ndone Alexander refuted claims against him stating that the situation in Tombel is normal. On the allegation that he is selling party cards only to those in his camp who will eventually support him during the reorganisation, the section president debunked the accusation insisting that as section president, he does not sell cards but rather distributed them to the different subsections. The distribution of membership cards, he pointed out, is progressing though militants lack finances to purchase the party document.

Meanwhile, in Tiko, Fako Division, the imbroglio that erupted within the Fako IV Section in Tiko prior to the 2013 Municipal and National Assembly election have been laid to rest as calm now reigns in the section. Speaking to CT on phone, the Section President, Eteki Charles Dikonge, said there was reconciliation even before the elections reason why the CPDM scored what it had.

Eteki explained that there is no problem among militants. Instead, he added, the problem was between individuals who never militated in the party but connived with the administration in order to run for the elections. The party hierarchy, he disclosed, has been contacted to put an end to administration meddling in the party affairs.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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