Climate Change Decision-Making – Policy Makers Sensitised

A fund called “green fund” has been set aside for projects to attenuate the scourge or adapt to it.

A cross-section of stakeholders on adaptation to climate change in Central Africa has set up a platform in which researchers and policy makers will come together to strengthen the process of informed decision-making in the sub-region. Policies made as result of the collaboration between researchers and legislators are expected to help attenuate climate change and pave a direction for adaptation to climate change.

The platform was set up during a workshop in Bonanjo, Douala, March 26, on how to ease emergence of a link between researchers and policy makers, as well as strengthen the process of informed decision-making in the Central African sub-region. The development is fruits of the AfricaInteract project started in 2012 and made up of a wide range of African actors on adaptation to climate change. In the Central African sub-region, AfricaInteract helps states to better face future impacts of climate change.

The Central African Forest Commission, COMIFAC, organised the sub-regional workshop on informed decision-making process on adaptation to climate change with the collaboration of the Communicators Network on Environment and Information in Central Africa, RECEIAC.

The Executive Secretary of COMIFAC, Raymond Mbitikon, told reporters in Douala that researchers, parliamentarians, senators, and other stakeholders have a good mastery on key questions relating to the process of decision making in the area of adaptation to climate change in the sub-region so the decision to set up the platform of collaboration is a calculated one.

He revealed that some FCFA 6,061,609,000,000 has been set aside to finance projects to attenuate climate change and adaptation to climate change. Project proposals, he added, will be received by June this year.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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