Chad – Calm Returns to Kyabé After Clashes

Violent clashes between the protesting population and security forces led to four people killed on April 25, 2015.

Four people died and more than 10 others sustained injuries following violent clashes between the forces of law and order and the protesting population in the town of Kyabeacute in the southern part of Chad near the border with the Central African Republic, RFI reported.

The angry population of the town is said to have gone on the rampage, attacking security services offices in retaliation for the death of one habitant of Kyabeacute remanded in Police custody. Security forces are reported to have reacted by firing at the protesters. The angry population reportedly attacked the Police Station, burned down Police vehicles and also attacked the Gendarmerie where they burned down another vehicle. RFI reported that Gendarmes responded to the attack compelling the assailants to retreat

Chad’s Minister of Interior, Abderahim Breme who visited Kyabeacute on Sunday, April 26, 2015 told news agencies that calmed had returned to the town. On the impact of the violent clashes, he said the protesters ransacked the Police Station and burned down part of the local market. He confirmed that four people died in the incident and specified that the person who died in Police custody was a suspected thief.

A local Police source told news agencies that problems started after the arrest of the man accused of theft. The source reportedly added that the person was suspected of being part of a gang specialized in burgling shops in the town’s market. When the family members of the person learned of the death, they rushed to the Police Station to take his corpse but the Police authorities refused insisting that an autopsy needed to be done. By the time of going to press the cause of the death had not yet been disclosed.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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