CAPEC Fighting to Alleviate the Impact of HIVAids

Kumba (Meme Division) The Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child, CAPEC, has been carrying out voluntary HIV screening with her “Mobile Clinic” team in Kumba and Konye sub division. CAPEC has as objective to mobilize and empower 5000 families (about 25000 people) in Meme Division to lead the elimination of HIVAIDS in their lives, that of their families and in their communities.

The CAPEC mobile clinic team is created to meet people at their various job sites since many of them don’t have enough time to go to the hospital for their free screening. With the CAPEC PMTCT mobile clinic, the population is responding positively for their free and voluntary testing of HIV and this will go a long way to alleviate the impact of HIVAIDS in the society. CAPEC has also organized person -to- person and door-to-door mobilization, awareness and counseling as well as organized People Living with HIVAIDS (PLWHA) local leaders’ community members to volunteer in the PMTCT programs and also facilitate in the follow-up of loss cases.

According to Mbiayamba Elvis the Project co-ordinator of CAPEC Meme, CAPEC is coming up to add more force and values to what other partners and the State have been doing in the field of PMTCT of HIVAIDS. He said this exercise cannot be done by a single structure, organization, a single doctor, a single hospital but with many stakeholders on deck will enhance rapid and reliable results. Adding that, it is the more reason the Cameroon Government and other funding bodies are bringing in stakeholders in order to create relationship and participate meaningfully to raise international and national PMTCT standards. “We necessarily quote statistics that referred to millions of people it can be too easy to lost sight of the reality of individual lives, of individual stories. No two persons will have the same experience of HIVAIDS, each life, each story, is different and they deserve not to be neglected,” Mbiayamba reiterated.

It should be noted that over 100 people turned out for voluntary testing during this CAPEC mobile Clinic exercise in Kumba and Matoh over the week end.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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