Canon Opens New Page

They elected a new executive bureau following the general assembly of the club on Saturday.

A new chapter has been opened in the history of the mythical club from Yaounde, Canon alias Kpa-kum. The general assembly meeting of the club which took place on Saturday, February 21, confirmed Omboudou Fabien Ndjina as new president of the board of directors of the club and Jean Marc Zambo as General Manager. The two were appointed to assure the interim leadership of the club following the resignation of the erstwhile president, Celine Eko and General Manager, Nyassa Soleil.

However, their election did not go down well with some officials of the club like Maboang Kessack who says he is resigning from his position as administrative director of the club to protest the election of certain individuals into the executive bureau. “We are trying to re-structure and modernize the club and it is not with old people that we are going to do this,” he said. “I don’t have anything against the council of wise men. We need youths with a vision,” he added.

It is worthy to note that the general assembly of the club was supposed to hold latest January 31st but the club was given a period of grace by the Professional League following a request from the council of wise men of the club. Canon has been wrought by differences between the former board chair, Celine Eko and the council of wise led by Olinga Jenner. Her resignation therefore gave the club the opportunity to begin on a clean slate but it doesn’t seem to have brought about the serenity with the resignation of Maboang Kessack as administrative director.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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