Campost Case – Nyomo Testifies Against Meva’a Ndouga

Prosecution witness, Nyomo, Chief of Centre National Finance at CAMPOST has testified that Meva’a Ndouga Dieudonneacute is guilty of embezzling State funds. He was testifying in a hearing at the Special Criminal Court in Yaounde on Wednesday March 18, 2015 in the case pitting the State of Cameroon and CAMPOST against Meva’a Ndouga Dieudonneacute and four others.

According to the Committal Order from the Examining Magistrate’s Chambers, Ze Jean Blaise, Meva’a Ndouga Dieudonneacutee, Oyono Oyono Timotheacutee, Abessolo Gervais and Wodjo Assoumou Franccedilois Moiumlse, are accused of embezzling FCFA 3 billion belonging to CAMPOST. The alleged crime happened between 2009 and 2013. The five accused were accomplices in embezzling the following amounts: FCFA 1,772,041,718 for Meva’a Ndouga Dieudonneacutee Junior, FCFA 446,039,941 for Oyono Oyono Timotheacutee, FCFA 311,301,223 for Abessolo Gervais and FCFA 53,990,656 for Wodjo Assoumou Franccedilois.

The session before a panel of judges led by Justice Nyoh Matthias began with the verification of the prosecution and defence counsels. As was decided at the previous audience Wednesday’s audience centred on the continuation of interrogation of the prosecution witnesses. Two out of the four witnesses appeared in court. Prosecution witness, Nyomo, was the first to mount the witness box.

Aocate General, Andre Tchoussi, sought to know about the embezzlement in CAMPOST. Nyomo said a routine check was carried out on November 20, 2013. During the check the team noticed a difference between CAMPOST operations given to Jean Blaise Ze who was the then Chief of Section for Operations and the operations declared by BEAC. That, according to him, is what enabled CAMPOST to detect that there was fraud.

On how CAMPOST got involved in the prejudice of FCFA 3 billion he said Jean Blaise Ze carried out fake operations and sent money to accounts in different banks such as BICEC, Ecobank, Afriland First Bank and First Trust. On what was the role played by each of the accused Nyomo said at the beginning they saw only Ze Jean Blaise but after investigation it was noticed that he had sent the money to several beneficiaries, that is Meva’a Ndouga and the others. He said the beneficiaries must know how Ze Jean Blaise carried out the operations since they received the money. Nyomo said Jean Blaise Ze succeeded to find the weakness of the CAMPOST control system which explains why he was able to carry out fraudulent operations. He said when he arrived in 2013 he added an element that enabled the company to detect the fraud.

Defence Lawyer, Barrister Ze sought to know whether Meva’a Ndouga who is not a worker in CAMPOST could have known operations of CAMPOST. Nyomo said Meva’a is not a worker in CAMPOST but the beneficiary just needs to give his bank reference. “That alone shows that the two of them have links,” he said.

The second prosecution witness, Balogok Patrice, also attested that through investigations it was noticed that Ze Jean Blaise had carried out fake operations which have caused prejudice into CAMPOST account in BEAC to the benefit of some individuals including Meva’a Ndouga Dieudonneacutee, Oyono Oyono Timotheacutee, Abessolo Gervais and the Ets. Kim Pen Tao Company. The case was adjourned to April 17, 2015 pending submissions by the prosecution and observation by the civil party.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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