Cameroon Hosts Commonwealth Youth Ministers’ Conference in 2015

The Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education was at the National Assembly on December 3, 2014.

One of the major activities of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education in 2015 will be the hosting by Cameroon of the Commonwealth Youth Ministers’ Conference in February. Speaking to the media after defending his ministry’s budget of FCFA 9,868 billion – FCFA 3,700 billion for capital expenditure and FCFA 6,168 billion for recurrent expenses – Minister Bidoung Mkpatt disclosed that the 429 Civic Education and National Integration Committees created all over the country will go operational.

Civic education and national integration training of the people will be strengthened through the proper functioning of civic education clubs in schools. The public will be sensitised on civic conduct through a sustained campaign backed up by the mass media. Similarly, the National Civic Service Agency for Participation in Development will train 9,000 volunteers and 6,000 conscripts. Meanwhile, the follow up of 13,000 already trained volunteers will be stepped up.

On the other hand, refresher courses will be organised for members of the National Youth Council. In addition to organising 10 national integration camps and funding 300 youth as part of the PAJER-U and PIFMAS projects, the ministry in the New Year also plans to implement its new vision of Multi-purpose Youth Empowerment Centre.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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