Bonadibong – Seven Families Rendered Homeless

Over seven families have been rendered homeless after violent fire razed two houses behind Air Force One Discotheque in Bonadibong on Sunday, June 7. The fire started at about 6pm from an abandoned room and spread to other rooms within the twinkle of an eye since the houses were constructed with plank.

Thanks to the intervention of the Fire Fighting Brigade, no human casualty were recorded and other plank houses around were out of harm’s way.

Simplice N, who managed to safe few pots and other items from his burning apartment, lamented that bandits made away with everything. “I prepare a delicious meal that day unfortunately, the pot and content were nowhere to be found after the incident,” Simplice regretted. Ebongue Yaya who was fortunate to have benefited from the intervention of the Fire Fighting Brigade, disclosed that as he was removing things from his apartment and placing outside, men of the underworld were diverting the items. “They stole two mattresses, a gas bottle and some pair of shoes from where I packed the items,” he, said. Most of the items that were secured in the course of the fire were stolen.

The fire incident was an opportunity for young boys who picked bags of scrap metals from the debris the next day for sale.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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