Bonaberi Blackout – Transformer Repaired

Bonaberi inhabitants of the Douala IV Council area have heaved a sigh of relieve after a three-day total blackout blamed on the damage of a transformer in the neighbourhood. Businessmen who depended exclusively on electricity to operate like welders, cyber cafeacute operators, dealers in printing press, fashion designers using industrial machines, petit traders like air time transfer dealers are back on the rails after counting possible cash they would have been richer for the three days of blackout. The days were considered as “public” holidays to apprentices of such businesses while proprietors gnash their teeth in despair.

The losses in monetary terms are worth millions put together a businessman murmured. Cold store dealers without giant automatic generators that could sustained helpless frozen, chicken, fish, meat and pork from decaying did not go in for additional supplies for fear that the blackout might persist. On the other hand, households resorted in preserving all the meat and fish in the freezer by frying while food items that could not be fried were either boiled or sunned.

In Eneo’s annex Head Office in Koumassi, Douala, officials said the blackout was due to damages on a transformer and that the situation has already been looked into.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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