Boko Haram Violence – Fomunyoh Foundation Concerts for Victims

Idy Ouly solidarity tour to assist affected communities and internally displaced persons.

Inspired by the Bamenda-based Fomunyoh Foundation, Northern-born, France-based artist, Idy Oulo will stage musical concerts in Yaounde, Douala, Garoua and Bamenda to support the nation’s efforts against the Boko Haram evil. In effect, proceeds from the Idy Oulo solidarity Tour that was scheduled to run up to April 4, 2015 is planned for the sole purpose of assisting affected communities and internally displaced persons in the Far North region rocked by Boko Haram threats and violence. The initiative which has the Fomunyoh Foundation to thank is inspired by the recent outing on the field by the foundation’s team to show support for the nation’s soldiers battling Boko Haram. It was also to demonstrate solidarity with affected populations. They also travelled with messages of hope especially for youths and took the commitment to contribute towards the sensitization of national and international opinion to the inherent risks and consequences of Boko Haram.

The President of the Foundation, Dr Christopher Fomunyoh told Cameroon Tribune in Bamenda that while in the Far North, his team came face to face with internally displaced children recovered by Cameroon’s Armed Forces from Boko Haram indoctrination camps in Amchide. The Foundation’s team believes that the crisis surpasses any crisis that Cameroon has known since independence and represents a real threat. It is all about the dark side of humanity and it is against this backdrop that Dr Christopher Fomunyoh prays for all to shine the light on victims, chase and annihilate all those whose lone language is violence.

From the look of things, the Foundation is available to accompany victims in their frustrations. They retired from the fact finding Far North, North and Adamawa trips impressed by what Dr Fomunyoh said is “noticeable bravery and determination of Cameroonians and their forces to act with resolve and in solidarity to counter Boko Haram and manage the negative consequences of the crises”. Conceived to promote democracy, social and humanitarian courses the Foundation took time off during their outing in the North to meet youth leaders and inspired students thirsty for education with book donations to bilingual and Technical high schools in Maroua, Garoua, Mayo Oulo and Ngaoundere.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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