Bakundus Showcase Culture At Annual Get-Together

The Bakundu Cultural and Development Union, held its annual congress and cultural fiesta recently.

Over 5,000 people turned out for 40th edition of the Bakundu Cultural and Development Union, BACDU, Annual Congress, which took place recently at Kokaka village in Konye Sub-division, Meme Division of the South West Region.

The event, which was chaired by the BACDU President General, Chief Benjamin Mutanga Itoe, featured dances and masquerade displays from various villages. Before the ceremony proper began, some six Bakundu elite, among who were Mrs. Mispa Itoe, Nganda Rudolf and Hon. Atinda Martin, were decorated with traditional titles by the President General as acknowledgement for their efforts in developing of Bakundu land. The event was therefore a rare opportunity for the Bakundus to showcase their rich culture.

Retired Justice Benjamin Itoe spoke of the need to reclassify and upgrade some Bakundu chiefdoms, create a full division in present day Konye Sub-division with headquarters in Konye in order to make the administration more accessible to the Bakundu population who mostly use footpaths. Also, the people appealed for the dis-enclavement of the economically-viable Bakundu Road from Sambaliba, Mosanja, Mwangale, Itoki and Mbu Bakundu. They requested the maintenance of the Wone-Ibemaxis, and the rehabilitation of the Southern Bakundu Road from Bombe, Banga, Bopo, Pete, Marumba Botandoa to Big Ekombe Junction.

Also addressing the people, the Second Assistant Senior Divisional Officer for Meme, Nelson Yongkuma Gamsi, said events were not only about coming to sit and watch, but a perfect platform for respective heads of the Bakundu ethnic groups to reflect on better ways of combatting and speedily responding to some challenges. These he said, include the Ebola virus, clandestine immigration and the Boko Haram sect. Bakundu chiefs on their part requested to profoundly play their role as auxiliaries of the administration by ensuring the wellbeing of their respective population and informing the administrative authorities of all incidents that occur in their communities.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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