Assistant SDOs Trained to Defend State Interests

Defending the interest of the State is a patriotic duty of every civil servant. This was the substance of a seminar that brought together Assistants Senior Divisional Officers (SDOs) and Chiefs of the Administrative and Legal Affairs Division of the Offices of the Governor for the Littoral, North West, South West and West Regions in Douala on November 4.

Focused on how to defend the State’s interests before a court, the seminar sought to increase the performances, efficiency and professional profitability of the participants in the wake of government circulars dedicating powers to local administration to henceforth defend State’s interest in courts at their levels instead of waiting on officials from Yaounde.

Muma Charles Nji, 2nd Assistant SDO of Moungo, was of the view that they are citizens of Cameroon trained at the Aanced School of Administration and Magistracy, ENAM, through government scholarship. Hear him: “For a student to go through two years of training at ENAM, it costs the State some FCFA 26 million. But every student pays a fee of just FCFA 120,000. This is how government helps us with taxpayers’ money.

With aancement in democracy, people can take the administration to court. Our duty is to work to defend the interest of the State in court, and usually we do not have special dues for doing so. Rightfully so because we are beneficiaries of government scholarship, also because we have a salary and it is another way of economising the resources of the State in the face of increasing population and limited resources.”

The present seminar presided over by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation, Pierre Essomba, falls in line with Article 5 of decree Ndeg2000697M of September 13, 2000, fixing conditions for the training of public servants with the aim of maintaining or perfecting their skills.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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