AFCON 2015 Gadget Sales Begin

It is another seasonal business that profit-making depends on the Lions performance.

As countdown to the 2015 African Nations Cup billed for Equatorial Guinea narrows, so too have businessmen started making good business in the sales of gadgets in national colours. The gadgets imported from China, mostly by Chinese businessmen in Douala, are sold to hawkers at wholesale prices, who then move around the city brandishing on the streets, in offices, and at times at homes. To one of the hawkers, the gadgets are cheaper at press time and prices will eventually increase at the wake of the competition.

Gadgets like cowboy hats and face caps made from plastic material and phone carriers that sold at FCFA 500 at the wake of the FIFA 2014 World Cup now sell between FCFA 350 and FCFA 400 at the Douala Central Market. However, the same gadgets are sold at FCFA 500 in some neighbourhoods like Bonaberi.

Though the prices of head and hand bands have not changed, they are sold according to the thickness with prices ranging between FCFA 100 and FCFA 500. Other gadgets including small hand flags and key-holders sell at FCFA 100 while jerseys sell between FCFA 1,500 and FCFA 5,000 depending on the size and quality.

Though most port city dwellers are yet to join the dressing trend in national colours, the rush hour, which is the D-Day, will see the streets painted in green, red and yellow colours. Experience has it that most Cameroonians identify with the national team only when they are on the pitch, patriotic Cameroonians who planned before, have a schedule for their dressing throughout the tournament.

Since the tournament is taking place next door, traders envisage an increase in gadget sales given that most Cameroonians who took their annual leave planning to travel to Equatorial Guinea will not only have a daily change of gadgets, but will also put them on throughout the competition.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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