62-Year-Old Dies in Fire Incident

Illicit sale of fuel by occupants of the buildings is suspected to be the main cause of the fire outbreak in Carrefour Agip, Douala

Inhabitants of Carrefour Agip near the lone petroleum depot in the area are still in shock after fire ravaged two buildings, killing 62-year-old Delphine Nguengou, who got stocked in the fire while trying to safe his two grand children not knowing that they already rushed out. According to eye witness account, the fire that started around 9am on Saturday May 23, razed a plank building and crossed over to a one-storey building partly constructed with plank as well caused lesser damages to a third building. When the fire breakout the two grand children forced their way out and one of them had burns on the leg.

While putting off the fire by the Fire Fighting Brigade, three stainless steel containers of 200, litres each and 10 containers of 20 litres each with some containing fuel where found in the house. Since the cause of the fire is yet to be determined through police investigation, it is evident that the illicit sales and storage of fuel in the house is the principal cause of the fire outbreak. Debris of refrigerator, stainless steel dishes, dresses and wood greeted curious passersby who stopped over to express their condolences to the bereave family. Three days ago, a six-room building was reduced to ashes in the same area caused by the explosion of illicit fuel stocked in the house.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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