49th Youth Day Launch – Kick Off Given in Bafut

The venue was the Bafut Palace Plaza where ecumenical prayers set the pace for the celebration of the nation’s youth. The event was the launch of the 49th edition of the National Youth Week activities. In effect, Bafut turned full circle for the hitch-free event that assembled virtually all North West elite, who joined the visiting Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, Dr Bidoung Mpkatt, to inspire youths to stand by virtues of peace for Cameroon to emerge in 2035.

It was an eventful day as Zambia’s Youth and Sports Minister, David Musonda, also watched Cameroonian youths showcase patriotism and creativity as they sang, danced and sounded off about their country, one and indivisible. It was a rare moment for the Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education to inspire positive attitudes in the nation’s youths, who face challenges of moral decadence, unpatriotic behaviour and sometimes, defeatist attitudes.

It was against this backdrop that Minister Bidoung Mpkatt announced an intensive national civic education campaign in 2015. He inspired youths to be vigilant and keep away from unpatriotic acts that may destroy Cameroon’s hard-earned stability, unity and peace. Equally against the background of insecurity in certain parts of the country, the Minister recommended vigilance, discipline and hard work to youths. He was heralded for travelling to Bafut with farm tools and cheques to encourage and support North West Region farming groups, volunteers and conscripts that excelled in 2012 and 2014.

Among the lot around to cheer the event were, North West Governor, Adoplhe Lele Lafrique, Ministers Nji Paul Atanga, Fuh Calistus Gentry, Doh Jerome, Awa Fonka, Senator Simon Achidi Achu, Ni John Fru Ndi, North West Fons, etc.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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