43rd National Day – National Gendarmerie Promises Exceptional Parade

The corps has been engaged in daily rehearsals at the Reunification Avenue in Yaounde.

As the clock is ticking to 20 May 2015, the entire nation is bracing up to celebrations marking the 43rd edition of the National Day. The National Gendarmerie is not left out in the preparation spree. The corps has since last April 21, been rehearsing military parade steps at the Reunification Avenue in Yaounde. The intensive preparation according to the National Gendarmerie officials is to permit them synchronise their steps and arms in a bid to perform exceptionally well on the D-day.

The Gendarmerie march past supervised by The Director of Central Administration and Logistics of the National Gendarmerie, Major General Claude Angouan’d who told Cameroon Tribune that this year’s edition is celebrated within a particular context where the country is engaged in a war against aggressors in the Far North Region of Cameroon. The national mobilisation of the population behind the Defence Forces, he added, will be acknowledged by the exceptional military parade during 20 May celebrations. “There is national day celebration every 20 May each year, but we think that this 20th May is somehow exceptional for us”, he stated. Thus, he added, the National Gendarmerie cannot improvise on the event day reason why they are training intensely to give the celebration the touch it deserves.

The Reunification Boulevard has for a while now seen different detachments of the National Gendarmerie notably the flag regiment comprising of six elements, the territorial, mobile contingent and law and order maintenance detachment amongst others coordinated by Colonel Bogmis Benjamin, Commander of the Training and Instruction Centres of the National Gendarmerie. All the detachments comprising both men and women have been rehearsing daily from 7:30 am to 11 am to perfect their marching techniques and skills. Cadet officers of the Yaounde Combined Military Services Academy (EMIA) as well as the Horse parade regiment of the President Guard are also using the stretch of the boulevard for rehearsals.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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